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Investing in outreach, mentoring, & supportive services to promote empowerment

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In the First State, where dreams take flight, There's a place that shines, so pure and bright. Founded in '68, with hope in the air, DAPI began, with a mission so rare.

Pregnant teens in need, they held them near, A chance to learn, without any fear. For education and care, they took a stand, A national model, across the land.

From New Castle County, they first did appear, A haven for teens, where hope was clear. Expanding statewide, like stars in the night, In Kent and Sussex, they spread their light.

Today, choices abound, yet here they stay, With personalized care, they light the way. For those who seek a different song, DAPI's embrace is where they belong.

Academic instruction, a vital part, They nurture minds, they light the spark. Child care, social services, all in a line, A holistic approach, where hearts entwine.

Maternal health, they cherish so dear, Ensuring mothers have nothing to fear. With mentorship's wisdom, they guide the way, To a brighter tomorrow, come what may.

As the school year begins, let's all cheer, For DAPI's mission, year after year. With hopes of success, we start anew, In the land of dreams, where hearts are true.

So here's to DAPI, in exceptional style, With excitement and joy, let's go that extra mile. For a fabulous school year, we all aspire, In DAPI's embrace, dreams reach higher and higher!

- Joella Bower, September 2023